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Vinyl Flooring for Retail Spaces

Vinyl Flooring for Retail Spaces


What are the major criteria for flooring for your retail space? There are a number of considerations for any project:


  • Design
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Environmental concerns

Design is always at the forefront when choosing building materials for a retail space. The flooring must help to create an atmosphere that reflects the nature of the enterprise. Flooring for a store selling skateboards, for example, should be different from that of a store specializing in fine crystal; a grocery store’s floor should have a different feel than a women’s clothing boutique.  Customers are influenced by many factors. Make sure that the design of your retail space works for your products.


The challenge to finding the right design when it comes to flooring material is that many types of flooring are either costly or difficult to maintain. Obviously, the ideal is to find a type of flooring with many design possibilities that is also cost-effective and easy to maintain.


Premium Vinyl Tile


In recent years, technological advantages have transformed the design possibilities of premium vinyl tile. High-resolution, full-color photo printing is now available for these tiles, which means that the image of natural materials can be reproduced very realistically on vinyl. The printing process results in tiles that feature intense color and capture fine detail. Manufacturers have created tiles that mimic every type of woodgrain, from oak to walnut, from antique finish to bird’s-eye maple. When you want the warm look and natural feel of wood, but the durability and easy maintenance of vinyl, premium tiles can deliver! Other natural materials that can be reproduced on vinyl tile include bamboo, slate, cobblestone, metal, cork, and more.


Vinyl tile can also accommodate art. If you want a whimsical look, check out a manufacturer like LSI Floors, which sells cool, contemporary designs like pink cow and hockey ice.


Of course, eye-catching floor murals are also possible. Your store’s floor can look like the waves of the ocean on a summer’s day, autumn leaves on the forest floor, or even the clear blue sky.


And better premium tile manufacturers will work with you to create a completely unique custom design. Feature your company logo, design your own mural, or choose repeating images.


Tiles can also be arranged in geometric patterns and are available in various sizes and shapes.


Many Advantages


Once you discover the new and exciting design possibilities of premium vinyl tile, the decision makes itself! Vinyl tile is extraordinarily durable for foot traffic and heavy rolling loads and often comes with a lengthy warranty. Better products are manufactured with slip-resistance factors that meet or exceed standards, making it a safe product for public spaces. Maintenance is extremely easy: sweeping or vacuuming, along with occasional mopping with mild cleaning solution and water. In the rare event that a tile sustains irreparable damage, you can simply lift up the affected tile and replace it. And the cost is certainly competitive with all other types of flooring.


Look for a company that uses recycled material in its products and that manufactures products that are 100% recyclable.


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